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seventies horror films

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Damien: Omen II (1978)

Seven years later, Damien is just discovering who he really is, and what he is destined to do. Now living with his Aunt, Uncle, and cousin, Damien is anxious to inherit everything. Can Richard Thorn finish the job that Damien's father (Ambassador Thorn) started?Horror Rating 4/5

Directed by Don Taylor. 
Starring William Holden, Lee Grant, Jonathan Scott-Taylor.

Damien: Omen II
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Damnation Alley (1977)

A small group of survivors at a military installation who survived World War 3 attempt to drive across the desolate wasteland to where they hope more survivors are living. Hopefully their specially built vehicles will protect them against the freakish weather mutated plant and animal life and other dangers along the way.Horror Rating 2/5

Directed by Jack Smight. 
Starring Jan-Michael Vincent, George Peppard.

Damnation Alley

Dawn of the Dead (1978)

Sequel to Night of the Living Dead. The dead have come back to life to eat the living. This is the story of four people's escape from an urban nightmare to a suburban one. They barricade themselves in a shopping mall and try to start new lives. Much of this movie was filmed outside Pittsburgh.Horror Rating 5/5

Directed by George Romero.
Starring David Emge, Ken Foree, Gaylen Ross.

Dawn Of The Dead

Death Line (1972)

Something grisly is going on under London in the Tube tunnels between Holborn and Russell Square. When a top civil servant becomes the latest to disappear down there Scotland Yard start to take the matter seriously. Helping them are a young couple who get nearer to the horrors underground than they would wish.Horror Rating 2/5

Directed by Gary Sherman.
Starring Donald Pleasence, Norman Rossington.

Death Line

Demon Seed (1977)

Scientist Alex Harris, doing research on artificial intelligence, is working on a special kind of computer. This computer grows more and more powerful, and succeeds in raping the scientist's wife, Susan Harris. In the end she gives birth to a hybrid baby.Horror Rating 3/5

Directed by Donald Cammell.
Stars Julie Christie, Fritz Weaver, Gerrit Graham.

Demon Seed

Devils, The (1971)

Cardinal Richelieu and his power-hungry entourage seek to take control of pre-rennaisance France, but need to destroy Father Grandier - the priest who runs the fortified town that prevents them from exerting total control. So they seek to destroy him by setting him up as a warlock in control of a devil-possessed nunnery, the mother superior of which is sexually obsessed by him.Horror Rating 3/5

Directed by Ken Russell.
Starring Vanessa Redgrave, Oliver Reed, Dudley Sutton.

The Devils

Doctor Dracula (1978)

A prominent author claims to be the reincarnation of mind controller Svengali. Using black magic, he stages a ritual sacrifice and evokes a confrontation with the strange Dr. Gregorio, who is actually Count Dracula! Gregario leaves corpses and female vampire slaves in his path.Horror Rating 2/5

Directed by Paul Aratow & Al Adamson.
Starring Don 'Red' Barry, Larry Hankin, John Carradine.

Doctor Dracula

Don’t Look Now (1973)

John and Laura Baxter are living in Venice when they meet a pair of elderly sisters, one of whom claims to be psychic. She insists that she sees the spirit of the Baxters' daughter, who recently drowned. Laura is intrigued, but John resists the idea. He, however, seems to have his own psychic flashes, seeing their daughter walk the streets in her red cloak, as well as Laura and the sisters on a funeral gondola.Horror Rating 4/5

Directed by Nicolas Roeg.
Starring Donald Sutherland, Julie Christie, Hilary Mason.

Don't Look Now

Dr. Jekyll and Sister Hyde (1971)

Dr. Henry Jekyll, in attempting to find a toxin that will wipe out all common diseases, accidentally stumbles upon a formula that transforms him into a gorgeous but evil woman. He needs female hormones for his experiments, so a number of London women meet bloody deaths. A Hammer Horror Film.Horror Rating 3/5

Directed by Roy Ward Baker.
Starring Ralph Bates, Martine Beswick, Gerald Sim.

Dr. Jekyll and Sister Hyde

Dr. Phibes Rises Again (1972)

Dr. Phibes awakens three years later. He finds his house has been demolished and his papyrus scrolls stolen, the scrolls he needs to find the Pharoah's Tomb in Egypt, where the River of Life flows. After identifying the source of the papyrus theft, he packs and leaves for Egypt with his assistant Vulnavia, still intent upon awakening his dead wife Victoria.Horror Rating 3/5

Directed by Robert Fuest.
Starring Vincent Price, Peter Jeffrey, Robert Quarry.

Dr. Phibes Rises Again

Dracula (1973)

A TV movie version of Bram Stoker's novel. Count Dracula is the un-dead incarnation of the real 15th century Wallachian Prince, Vlad Tepes, who travels to England in order to be reunited with the reincarnation of his long lost love.Horror Rating 4/5

Directed by Dan Curtis.
Starring Jack Palance, Simon Ward, Nigel Davenport.

Dracula (1973)

Dracula (1979)

When a schooner is wrecked off Whitby the only survivor is Count Dracula who has arrived with large amounts of Transylvanian soil to take up residence in Carfax Abbey. He makes friends with Dr Seward who runs the local asylum and with his daughter Lucy, her friend Mina, and with Jonathan Harker, Lucy's solicitor fiance. Almost immediately, Mina dies from loss of blood, and just possibly this may not be a coincidence.Horror Rating 4/5

Directed by John Badlam.
Starring Frank Langella, Laurence Olivier, Kate Nelligan.

Dracula (1979)

Dracula A.D. 1972 (1972)

In London 1872 - the final battle between Lawrence van Helsing and Count Dracula results in both of them dying. A servant of Dracula buries his remains. A century later, Johnny Alucard, the great-grandson of the servant joins up with a group containing Jessica, the grand-daughter of Abraham van Helsing. With their unknowing help, he resurrects Dracula who is determined to destroy the house of Van Helsing. A Hammer Horror Film.Horror Rating 3/5

Directed by Alan Gibson.
Starring Christopher Lee, Peter Cushing, Stephanie Beacham.

Dracula A.D. 1972

Dracula Vs Frankenstein (1971)

Judith Fontaine is looking for her sister. It turns out she is a victim of Groton, an homicidal maniac working for Dr. Durray, the last of the Frankensteins. Count Dracula visits the doctor and shows him the original Frankenstein creation buried nearby. The doctor revives it and uses it to take revenge on his professional rivals.Horror Rating 1/5

Directed by Al Adamson.
Starring J. Carrol Naish, Lon Chaney Jr., Zandor Vorkov.

Dracula Vs Frankenstein

Driller Killer, The (1979)

An artist slowly loses his mind as he and his two female friends scrape to pay the bills. The punk band downstairs increasingly agitates him, his art dealer is demanding that he complete his big canvas painting as promised, and he gets into fights with his girlfriends. When the dealer laughs at his canvas he snaps, and begins taking it out on the people responsible for his pain.Horror Rating 3/5

Directed by Abel Ferrara
Starring Abel Ferrara, Carolyn Marz, Baybi Day.

The Driller Killer

Dunwich Horror, The (1970)

Dr. Henry Armitage and two women visit the library of the Miskatonic University where they are studying, and find a mysterious young man named Wilbur Whateley trying to borrow the Necronomicon, and as it is a public library they let him. Nancy offers to drive the warlock back to his home in Dunwich, where he drugs her and makes her stay to be a part in his evil ceremonies.Horror Rating 2/5

Directed by Daniel Haller.
Starring Sandra Dee, Dean Stockwell, Ed Begley.

The Dunwich Horror
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